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Penalty Surcharge Appeal Process

By completing the Penalty Surcharge Appeal Application available HERE - Penalty Surcharge Appeal Application (07-2015), customers may appeal the conservation surcharge on the basis of hardship or billing error within 10 days after receiving disputed bill.

  1. To avoid late penalties or interruptions of service, the full amount of disputed water bills must be paid on time.
  2. Appeals will be reviewed within fifteen business days.
  3. The appeal officer will review all factors including:
    • Water use caused by emergency health and safety hazards;
    • Water use related to family health;
    • Whether additional people have been added to the household/business;
    • Water use required for the health of mature fruit trees;
    • Water use required for fire protection and slope stability;
    • If customers are currently using maximum water conservation. 
  1. If unsatisfied with the appeal officer’s decision, a second appeal may be filed in the same manner with the city manager or designee whose decision will be final.  Secondary appeals must be accompanied with a fifty dollar ($50) filing fee for residential customer accounts and a one hundred dollar ($100) filing fee for all other customer accounts.
  2. No appeal will be granted unless the customer can show a maximum reduction in water consumption.
  3. No appeal will be granted for maintaining turf and similar landscape.
  4. The appeal officer may request information to help with his/her decision however; applicant is required to include any information or evidence that may assist appeal officer’s decision. 

If you should have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact our customer service staff at (909) 596-8744, Monday-Thursday from 8 AM until 6 PM.