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WEWAC EduBucks

EduBucks is a program offered by WEWAC (Water Education Water Awareness Committee-a regional conservation committee of which La Verne is a part) for funds to teachers seeking to actively engage students through creative classroom projects that increase students' awareness of the importance of water in Southern California. This is a regional program and applications are only accepted from teachers within the region. Applications are due in November. For more information visit: 



WEWAC Water Scholar Program Scholarship

The Water Scholar Program provides financial support to high school seniors planning to attend a two or four year college in the following school year. The program provides scholarships to students from the local region. Applications are due in January. For more information visit:


WEWAC Media Contest

The WEWAC Media Contest seeks broadcast media (28 or 58 second long audio and video content) and digital art pieces conveying water conservation messages. The contest is open to middle school students, high school students and classroom projects which are eligible for monetary prizes. Applications are due in March. For more information visit:


Recycling and Waste 

The City of La Verne partners with our franchise waste hauler, Waste Management to bring teachers a wealth of resources to help teach students about sustainability in waste and how to "green" our school campuses! For more information visit:

Field Trips

The City of La Verne offers field trips in partnership with Three Valleys Municipal Water District. Three Valleys Municipal Water District sells water imported by the State Water Project to local cities, including La Verne, for residents to use. The field trip will teach students important lessons about how water reaches their homes, how water is treated, and why water conservation is important. For more information, please contact Lisa O’Brien at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (909) 596-8741


Environmental Presentations

The City of La Verne can send representatives to La Verne community groups, schools or individual classrooms to present on a variety of environmental issues, ways to be responsible environmental stewards and what La Verne is doing to help solve these problems. Activities and presentations on water conservation, storm water, recycling and many other requested environmental topics are available. For more information, please contact Lisa O’Brien at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (909) 596-8741.



MWD Water Education Resources

MWD offers resources for teachers like curriculum, games and activities. Outreach to schools for presentations, field trips and teacher workshops are also provided on the website. The website provides a good insight on water education and current water issues.



TreePeople Workshops and School Projects

TreePeople provides professional development training and toolkits for outdoor school projects like rain barrels, tree planting and waste reduction. The program offers guidelines for teaching, completing, and maintaining environmentally friendly lessons and projects.


Generation Earth Service Learning, Sustainability Activities, and Interschool Challenges

Generation Earth provides an opportunity for middle and high schools in Los Angeles County to implement environmental service learning projects within campuses and communities. Past projects include rain gardens, recycling, tree plantings and more.


Environmental Defenders

An active musical assembly program targeted at teaching elementary school students how to help protect the environment. Through enthusiastic audience participation the assembly teaches about recycling, storm water pollution and disposal of household hazardous waste. The program is free, lasts about 30 minutes and is correlated to current teaching standards.



California Education and the Environment Initiative

A K-12 environmental education curriculum that is California State Board of Education approved and supports Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. A total of 85 lessons are available with both Teacher and Student editions. Various environmental topics are covered such as: climate change, environmental justice, fish and wildlife resources, water and public health. Some lessons also include history and social science standards in addition to environmental science.


CREEC Network Workshops and Funding Opportunities

The CREEC (California Regional Environmental Education Community) Network is an environmental education program that catalogs various professional development workshops and has a list of funding opportunities for programs like school gardens, conservation, and environmental lessons.



EPA Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides and Online Resources

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) resources help teachers create lessons with a focus on environmental issues.  The website has helpful examples for teaching on environmental subjects like water, air, ecosystems and waste organized by recommended grade level.


National Wildlife Federation EcoSchools

The National Wildlife Federation helps educators integrate sustainable principles throughout their schools and curriculum. The website provides good examples of schoolwide and classroom activities that can be done to promote environmental thinking from across the nation.


USGS Water Science for Schools

The USGS (United States Geological Survey) Water Science for schools website answers questions about the properties and importance of water. The site offers short activities, quizzes and informational articles to educate students about water science.


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