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Coyote Management Plan

To address this regional concern and provide a consistent message when dealing with coyotes, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, County of Los Angeles, the Inland Valley Humane Society (IVHS), and the San Gabriel Valley Council of government (SGVCOG) has identified and adopted a framework for municipalities in the San Gabriel Valley to coordinate coyote management efforts.  While staff has modified this plan to fit the specific needs of La Verne, the following adheres to the adopted model.

The pdf La Verne Coyote Management Plan (650 KB) is provided in the toolbar on the coyote reporting page.  Here, you can find detailed information regarding coyote attractants, behavior, enforcement, safety response, and reporting.  A yard audit checklist is provided to assist in identifying attractants in order to evaluate if they can be eliminated.

Coyote Reporting 

On the coyote reporting page, residents can report encounters with coyotes or find recent encounters in the area.  It provides a repository for reported coyote activity, real-time alerts to stay abreast of reported activities, and GIS mapping by zip code.  You can view all coyote’s encounters in La Verne for the past 30 days by clicking here

The purpose of monitoring human/coyote interactions is to document where coyotes are frequently seen and to identify human/coyote conflict hotspots.  Gathering specific data on incidents will allow for targeting of educational campaigns and resident workshops, as well as the ability to measure success in reducing conflicts.

In addition to mapping coyote sightings, the Inland Valley Humane Society has provided an email for residents who have concerns about coyotes. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any additional questions. 

Coyote Whistles

The Community Services Department has coyote whistles available for residents at City Hall, 3660 “D” Street.  Whistles can be taken with you while you are walking your dog and can be used to repel coyotes.  The whistles are available, one per family, while supplies last.  The whistles were made available through the Inland Valley Human Society.