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Tracking Santa Claus Through the Streets of La Verne

In 1925, this long-time La Verne tradition began. Initially, the firemen distributed food to needy families on Christmas morning. It has grown to a citywide event where firefighters, family members, and volunteers deliver bags of candy, peanuts, and fruit to each and every child in the city on Christmas morning. The city is divided into several routes with Santa and his crew working to complete the deliveries on each route by 2:00 pm (6 hours). With nearly 40 first-time volunteers helping us this Christmas, it will likely take us a little longer to make it to every community this year. Please be patient, we will do our best to make it to everyone's street. In an effort to keep you more informed, we will be launching the "La Verne Santa Tracker." For the first time, you will be able to locate the route that covers your area and see where Santa is currently.

You can start tracking Santa at 7:00 AM Christmas morning with this link:

We are having issues with the tracker for Zone 5. Please keep an ear out for the sirens as Santa passes through your street.