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Organic Waste Recycling in La Verne Has Begun - What Does That Mean for Residents?

January 11, 2022

La Verne, CA – As the New Year gets underway, the City of La Verne would like to remind residents that California State Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383) went into effect this month (January 2022). The goal of this bill is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change by reducing organic materials going to the landfill. The bill does this by prohibiting organic waste disposal in landfills and requiring cities and counties to reduce the level of organic waste disposal by 75% by 2025.

In accordance with the State’s requirements, residents and businesses in La Verne, and throughout California, are now required to separate their organic waste from their refuse waste. Organic waste may include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy and egg products
  • Beef, poultry and fish
  • Bread, pasta, rice and grains
  • Coffee grounds
  • Food-soiled paper, like napkins, paper towels, tea bags, paper plates, coffee filters and other paper and compostable food packaging

These items, along with yard waste, should be placed directly in the green cart and should not be placed in plastic or compostable bags. Other food-related items that should not be placed in the green organics cart include liquid, serveware, plastic containers and foam containers.

In an effort to help residential customers properly recycle organics, the City of La Verne is in the process of purchasing countertop pails to collect kitchen scraps before being thrown into the green cart. Please keep an eye out for future announcements as this program develops. Pails will be available for City of La Verne residents only.

Items such as chip bags, snack or food wrappers, broken dishes and pots and foam containers should be placed in the black cart. Hazardous waste, electronics, batteries, tires, paint or flammable material should not be placed in this cart. Household hazardous and electronic waste may be disposed of at one of LA County’s HHW Collection events.

Recyclable materials, including plastic bottles and containers, food and beverage cans and cartons, glass bottles and containers, paper and cardboard may still be disposed of in the gray recycling cart. Please do not place plastic bags, foam containers, hazardous waste, clothing, furniture or carpet in this recycling bin. Recyclables should be placed directly into the cart, and should not be bagged. Learn more about residential waste and recycling.

Organic waste recycling is a significantly more expensive process, requiring a refuse rate increase, which also went into effect January 2022. This increase covers the expenses associated with accommodating the new State mandates. Waste Management acquired the South Valley Composting Facility in Tulare to process, transport and compost La Verne’s organic waste. These services will be funded through the increased solid waste rates. On May 17, 2021, the City held a Council meeting to discuss SB 1383 as well as a public hearing on June 21, 2021 related to the proposed solid waste service rates.


Contact: Lisa O'Brien, Public Works Department

Telephone: (909) 596-8741

1.11.22 Organics Recycling News Release