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Old Town La Verne Specific Plan: Looking to the Future While Honoring the Past

With construction of the L Line, formerly known as the Foothill Gold Line, underway, the residents of the City of La Verne will continue to see progress made on transit-oriented development initiatives as outlined by the City’s Old Town La Verne Specific Plan. The Old Town La Verne Specific Plan was carefully crafted based on community and stakeholder input. The Plan also aims to complement the new L Line station and preserve the historic and unique character of Old Town, while looking to the future in anticipation of community needs.

“We’re excited to see movement on this plan that has been in the making for quite some time,” said La Verne Principal Planner Candice Bowcock. “One of the next big changes the La Verne community will witness starting as early as February 2021 is the demolition of some industrial buildings along Arrow Highway, just east of E Street, where the Gold Line station parking will be located. The implementation of this plan will continue to strengthen our community’s future economy and build on our City’s unique architectural history.”

The City’s Old Town La Verne Specific Plan received input from the La Verne City Council, La Verne residents, as well as community stakeholders such as the University of La Verne and the Fairplex. The University of La Verne will also pitch in to maintain the iconic exterior of the City’s historic packing house while transforming its interior to accommodate new restaurants and retail establishments in the future.

“The City worked closely with the University to find ways to breathe new life into the historic packing house and create a more functional community space,” said Bowcock. “This will allow the City to retain the packing house as a historic building while also serving as a catalyst for connecting the transit platform to the historic community. ”

In addition to the City’s coordination with the University, the City worked closely with the Fairplex to ensure that their development of any property located within La Verne is physically cohesive with that of the City’s. As outlined in the Specific Plan, the Fairplex is looking to develop a Promenade, which will be a potential tram/bicycle/pedestrian connection from Fairplex to the L Line Station.

The extensive Old Town La Verne Specific Plan touches on more than just commercial development. Adjacent industrial areas are also being rezoned to accommodate housing developments. This will provide more housing options for the community while still honoring the City’s history with appropriately fitting aesthetics. Accompanying improvements will also create an attractive environment for pedestrians, cyclists, L Line riders and local transit users.

With the execution of the Specific Plan, the City is building toward a bright future where sustainable development is encouraged, La Verne’s economic base is enhanced and visual blight is decreased or eliminated entirely. The City’s Plan was even awarded by the Los Angeles American Planning Association in 2013 in recognition of its creativity, thoroughness and its extensive outreach during the planning process.

For additional information on the vision, design framework, of the City’s Old Town La Verne Specific Plan, please visit the La Verne Crossings website.