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Fact Sheet for Water Use Regulations

On May 31, 2018, Governor Brown signed two bills which build on the ongoing efforts to “make water conservation a California way of life.” SB 606 (Hertzberg) and AB 1668 (Friedman) reflect the dedicated work of many water suppliers, environmental organizations, and members
of the Legislature.

SB 606 and AB 1668 emphasize efficiency and stretching existing water supplies in our cities and on farms. Efficient water use is the most cost-effective way to achieve long term conservation goals, as well provide the water supply reliability needed to adapt to the longer and more intense droughts climate change is causing in California.

Some have misinterpreted the immediate impact of this law. It does not impose individual mandates for homeowners or businesses. The mandates will fall on urban water suppliers – not customers.

Download the full Fact Sheet:  pdf Water Efficiency Bill Fact Sheet (217 KB)