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SCE Notice: Protecting our Communities Against the Threat of Wildfires

Southern California Edison’s ongoing commitment to safety and California’s fight against wildfires remains a top priority and continues to be an essential part of our partnership with communities and customers. As such, you may have noticed or will notice additional SCE crews doing inspections, infrastructure improvement work and vegetation management in your community. We are doing this in all high fire risk areas — approximately 35 percent of our service area.

We understand that our activities may be disruptive when we do this important safety work and will do everything we can to minimize the impact to you. If pre-planned work takes place in the immediate vicinity of your residence or place of business, you will be notified in advance of a planned maintenance outage.

In early February, SCE filed its 2019 Wildfire Mitigation Plan with the California Public Utilities Commission. The plan identifies how we intend to further reduce the risk of fire ignitions caused by utility infrastructure. Examples of activities you may see include but are not limited to identifying trees for pruning or removal to comply with mandated safety requirements and aerial inspections.

Who Will Be Performing the Work

SCE and contractor crews will be performing the work. SCE vehicles will feature the company’s logos and contractor vehicles will have signage indicating they are SCE “approved contractors.” Anyone associated with the work will also carry identification badges. For a list of SCE approved contractors, please visit

What You Need to Know

  • SCE will provide notification of construction activities. These could be additional letters, door hangers, traffic signs, and/or parking signs.
  • Crews may need to access the electrical equipment on your property. Unless SCE notices an immediate safety concern, we will attempt to notify you before entering your property.
  • There may also be noise associated with construction activities during hours of operation.
  • To ensure your safety during construction, there may be traffic lane and sidewalk closures. Crew members will use appropriate traffic control signs and flags.
  • For crews to work safely, SCE may schedule maintenance power outages during construction. In these cases, we will attempt to notify you by phone, text, email and mail at least 72 hours before the outages.

What You Can Do

  • SCE appreciates your partnership and support to ensure safe access to equipment that needs to be inspected.
  • You can sign up to receive outage alerts using your preferred method of communication via Please review your customer contact information at

If you need more information or would like to know more about what SCE is doing to address the threat of wildfires, please visit

PDF:  pdf SCE Maintenance Wildfire Notification (145 KB)