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The City of La Verne prides itself in being a business friendly city with small town charm where both residents and businesses prosper. The City strives to encourage commercial activity and maintain a supportive environment for local businesses by providing streamlined processes which allow businesses to provide the services and positive experiences customers deserve.

Live entertainment promotes social and cultural benefits in addition to economic growth, and complements the heritage and quality of life that are so valued in La Verne. With this in mind the City has created a streamlined procedure for local businesses with a desire to provide live entertainment which is both manageable and compatible with the preservation of public health and safety.

If you area a business or property owner in the City of La Verne and believe live entertainment will enhance your businesses and be appreciated by your patrons, you’re probably right! The documents needed to get the process started are provided here for your convenience. Please contact the Community Development Department at (909) 596-8706 if you have any questions and begin the Entertainment Permit application process today!

Application:  pdf Entertainment Permit Application Form (387 KB)


What is an Entertainment Permit?

An Entertainment Permit allows a business within the City of La Verne to provide or permit live entertainment in addition to the primary business, whether or not for compensation.

Why is an Entertainment Permit required?
See response to question below “Do I need an Entertainment Permit?”

Do I need an Entertainment Permit?
Any business in the City of La Verne which provides entertainment to its patrons on a regular basis is required to obtain an Entertainment Permit. Entertainment includes, but is not limited to, any single event, series of events or ongoing activity to which persons are invited to watch, listen or participate (e.g. trivia, karaoke, games, live music, DJ, dance.).


Are there any exceptions?
Yes. Exclusions include the following: 

  • Anything emanating from a radio, jukebox, television receiver, or music-recording machine operated by the owner of the establishment, provided the equipment is not used by or in conjunction with an announcer or disc jockey announcing song titles or artist names, or interjecting with other dialogue.
  • Any café musician as defined in California Government Code Section 37101.5.
  • Any entertainment provided in, an with the consent of any person in control of, any park, stadium, arena, or auditorium, or upon any educational or governmental property.
  • Any entertainment operating under an in compliance with a conditional use permit issued pursuant to Chapter 18.108 of the La Verne Municipal Code and where entertainment was approved as part of the conditional use permit.
  • Any entertainment consisting solely of auditions.
  • Any entertainment provided in a residential zone for guests at a private party where admission is not open to the public.
  • Any modeling of clothes provided in conjunction with a retail clothing business operating in compliance with all City codes and laws and where the clothes modeled are sold by the business.

To find out if your entertainment or business qualifies for any of the exclusions listed above, contact the Community Development Department at (909)596-8706.

Where does the Entertainment Permit apply? Are there areas where it is not permitted/ required?
The Entertainment Permit applies to commercial and industrial properties and is not permitted on properties zoned for residential. Entertainment in the Foothill Boulevard Specific Plan is regulated by an alternative process and does not require an Entertainment Permit. For more information regarding zoning, contact the Community Development Department at (909) 596-8706.

Does the Entertainment Permit expire? Can it be renewed?
The Entertainment Permit expires on January 31st of every year and can be renewed annually. First time applicants are not required to renew if approval is granted on or after July 1st, so long as the applicant is in good standing. Application for renewal is due a minimum of 30 calendar days prior to the expiration date.

How much does it cost?
First time applications require a $500 initial deposit. Annual renewal requires a $120 fee. The City accepts cash or check payments (checks made payable to: City of La Verne).

How long is an Entertainment Permit good for?
See the response to the question above “Does the Entertainment Permit expire? Can it be renewed?”