La Verne

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Development Area: Old Town La Verne


Old Town La Verne dates from the city’s founding in 1887 as a destination for the Santa Fe Railroad. In addition to a daytime population of 7,500 students at the University of La Verne, Old Town is home to diverse single family and multiple family housing opportunities. New housing echoes the Victorian and craftsman homes of Old Town’s 3rd Street. Old and new come together in the University of La Verne’s brand new suite-style 373-resident “Vista La Verne” Residence Hall, also home to the University of La Verne’s bookstore on the main floor. The heart of Old Town, D and Third Street, hosts the Thursday evening La Verne Family Festival and Farmers Market as well as six regional-scale events each year.

In addition to a variety of specialty shops, Old Town offers more than a dozen restaurants with a wide range of dining opportunities from date night at Cafe Allegro to the casual family atmosphere at Warehouse Pizza. Annual retail sales in the Central Business District area total $15.3 million and the retail environment is healthy, with fourth quarter 2011 sales up 10.7% over the prior year.

Development Area map of Old Town La Verne