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Strategic Vision

Long-range planning, buttressed by a strategic vision that provides La Verne with outstanding services at the lowest cost; these are fundamental to La Verne's operations as a community. With a tradition of planning that can be traced to the 1920s, La Verne today is a leader in municipal strategic planning.

The City's planning programs include:


Since 1990 La Verne has engaged in biannual strategic planning processes that allow the City to define its mission, establish its fundamental tenets, and program resources in the most effective manner. The La Verne model of strategic planning is embodied in the following mission statement:

The mission of the City of La Verne is to provide a full range of effective municipal services to members of our community.

The mission statement is then supported by these seven fundamental tenets:

  • Service
  • Quality of Life
  • Small Town Virtues
  • Responsiveness
  • Sound Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Pride of La Verne

Through the City's strategic visioning program, La Verne has launched creative and effective programs to reduce public expenditures such as a four-day work week, funding of public safety and recreation programs, and other cost-effective service improvements.

For more information concerning the City's strategic plan or to receive a copy, contact the General Administration office at (909) 596-8726.


"Legacy/Prophecy," La Verne's award winning general plan was adopted in 1989. The general plan is both a City's constitution for community development and a 20 year long-range strategy. The issues addressed within the general plan are:

  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Safety
  • Resource Management (Open Space, Conservation, the Environment, and Scenic Corridors)
  • Cultural Resources (Historic Preservation and Public Art)
  • Community Design
  • Economic Development

To insure that a general plan is current with changing needs it must be updated on a regular basis; the City is updating its general plan now.

Public participation is a key ingredient in writing a general plan that reflects the community, the City held six "Spotlight on La Verne" public focus sessions and worked with the University of La Verne to create a public service announcement. Staff talked with residents and business people at the Harvest Festival and the focus sessions. A one page survey was distributed at the public focus sessions, Harvest Festival and public counters in City Hall.

The survey identified three top concerns:

  • Traffic
  • Retaining the residential character of the community
  • Preserving downtown La Verne

The Lordsburg Specific Plan, adopted in 1992, addressed the preservation of downtown La Verne and its surrounding residential core. The plan incorporates the collective experience and vision of the area's residents. It is a strategic plan, based on the residents' values, for the next twenty years.

The Lordsburg Specific Plan defines the primary downtown image area with D Street and Third Street as its major spines. It provides overall concepts for the downtown core to maintain a pedestrian-friendly experience and provide for orderly growth within an area that has largely been developed. An underlying desire is to enhance both residents' and visitors' appreciation of the area's history and structure.

Goals and policies for Lordsburg, as well as all other residential and commercial neighborhoods in the City, are discussed in the Community Design chapter of the General Plan.

The draft general plan and draft environmental impact review will be discussed in public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council before adoption. Public input is welcome and encouraged at the hearings. The Dates have not yet been scheduled but this information will be available through the Community Development Department and public notices.

Comments, concerns or questions regarding the general plan or the Lordsburg Specific Plan or requests to receive a copy of either plan should be directed to the Community Development Department at (909) 596-8706; FAX (909) 596-8737.

For more information about the City, development processing, and other economic development programs and incentives available, select the "Economic Development" icon on the Home Page.