La Verne

City of

Mission Statement


The City of La Verne strives to maintain a full range of efficient municipal services to preserve our hometown charm and quality of life while being responsive to the community’s current and emerging needs.



  • Service – Our primary purpose and driving force is to deliver a variety of services and programs that meet basic human needs, including but not limited to, the protection of life and property, the provision of clean water, and the operation of sanitation systems.  We also strive to proactively provide a wide variety of high quality services that directly impact quality of life within the community in an effective, efficient, economical and friendly manner.  
  • Hometown Virtues – Openness, accessibility, courtesy, community participation, volunteerism, a sense of heritage, and service with a “personal touch”  that makes us unique in the vast Southern California metropolitan area.  It is by design that our organizational structure is efficient and, by prevailing standards, relatively unbureaucratic.   We strive to preserve that hometown charm while we continue to evolve and grow.
  • Quality of Life – Beyond the provision of high quality services to satisfy basic human needs, we are concerned with quality of life issues that affect all members of the community.  Concern for quality of life encompasses, but is not limited to, protection of the environment, sound infrastructure, safety, community aesthetics, access to education, and community and personal leisure activities.
  • Responsiveness – Responsiveness includes responding to the ever-evolving needs of a diverse community and is key to citizen satisfaction.  Community participation is encouraged and solicited.  Feedback from citizens is welcomed and thoughtfully evaluated in the formation of public policy.  
  • Sound Leadership – Effective leadership and management of the organization is contingent on the competence and the active participation of the City Council, the City Manager, and the respective Department Heads.  Sound leadership presupposes the quality of trustworthiness, integrity, and honest representation by all elected and appointed City officials while maintaining transparency through the decision-making.
  • Prudent Financial Management - We embrace a tradition of fiscal conservatism that calls for prudent spending and maintenance of a sufficient general fund reserve to cover unanticipated expenditures.  We strive to be proactive in finding innovative fiscal alternatives that enable us to continue to find creative means of funding the evolving needs of the community.
  • Teamwork – The concept of teamwork is vitally important to the successful delivery of services.  Joining of forces and pooling resources in a common effort is the rule and not an exception.  Teamwork extends beyond the City Council and City departments to partnerships with outside agencies including commercial and community organizations which work jointly to provide a network of services within our community.  
  • Pride – As an organization we strive for and recognize excellence on a personal, organizational, and community level.  The “Pride of La Verne” is not just the name on an orange crate label from our heritage, but a feeling of community involvement and commitment. This standard of excellence extends to the thousands of hours of volunteerism and employee commitment  that support the delivery of services in the community including public safety, senior services, education, social services, and more.