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Success in business appears to require compromise to keep overhead low and profitability high. One such compromise is often made with regard to location. The opportunity to locate in a community with a quality environment is "traded" for the perceived cost savings of operating in a less desirable location.

Happily, things are not always as they appear and perception is not always truth. La Verne is not only desirable but cost effective, demanding no compromises between a premium business location and affordability. And we have the facts to back us up!


Businesses find that La Verne is more than just a pretty face - it's a city that has planned thoughtfully to maintain and enhance retail and commercial activity. Specific plans for the downtown area, San Polo Business Park, Foothill Boulevard and Arrow Highway, identify prime commercial parcels and have streamlined the approval processes for compatible projects. The city has an excellent track record for attracting and maintaining key successful commercial developments. Modern amenities and sound infrastructure complement La Verne's small town charm, creating an ideal environment in which to live and do business. 


La Verne's low crime rate not only provides invaluable protection for life and property, it lowers insurance rates and saves money for businesses located within the city limits. La Verne's own police and fire departments serve "their" community with unequalled pride and dedication. 

La Verne has one of the lowest crime ratings in the foothill area, reporting fewer Part I crimes (murder, rape, robbery, assault, theft) than 14 neighboring cities, with the second lowest overall crime rating among those same cities. 

La Verne's own police department has been instrumental in preserving the community's high quality of life. Not only is the department extremely effective in its law enforcement efforts, it is active in supporting a number of crime prevention programs such as the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) enforcement team, the La Verne Alcohol and Substance Abuse Task Force and motorcycle patrol. 


The traits that make La Verne a well-balanced residential community also spell success for its businesses.

  • Transportation options: La Verne is served by the 10, 210, and 57 freeways with the Route 30 freeway ending in La Verne. Major trucking centers and Ontario International Airport are less than 20 minutes away. Transportation also includes railroad, commuter rail plus Brackett Airport, one of the nation's busiest general aviation airports providing private, charter, corporate and recreational air services.
  • Location: La Verne is 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and Orange County civic centers.
  • Demographics: An affluent and active population provides a stable consumer market and has proven willing and able to financially support a productive and safe community.
  • Sound Infrastructure: new curbs, street lights and sidewalks have revitalized downtown. An aggressive public works program keeps this mature community in excellent condition. The major thoroughfares, Arrow Highway and Foothill Boulevard, have been resurfaced and landscaped.
  • Available Work Force: includes a wealth of professional and nonprofessional tradespersons. The majority of La Verne residents are between the ages of 20 and 50 and have a college education.
  • Stable City Government: provides the leadership and support for La Verne's balanced economic growth will into the next century.
  • Active Chamber of Commerce: is eager to support the relocation and development of new business.
  • Operational Needs: Major utilities are available; all water and sewer systems are City controlled. The City has close and cordial working relationships with electrical, gas and telephone utilities.
  • Knowledgeable and Accessible: city staff are capable of streamlining application and approval processes.

Educational opportunities include the acclaimed University of La Verne's undergraduate and graduate programs and 18 public and private schools.

  • Top quality housing in a variety of forms and price ranges. Single family homes range from historically registered early century houses to modern homes and condos.
  • Recreation opportunities abound at 11 parks, an active Community Center, several golf courses and nearby Bonelli Regional Park.
  • La Verne's sense of community belongs to all ages. Child care provisions for its youngest residents are built into the city's General Plan. Brethren Hillcrest Homes, a low level senior care facility was the first full service retirement community in the state to be nationally accredited.

In making that tough call on where to open or relocate your business, keep in mind the following benefits that La Verne offers: 

  • Application Assistance. Our economic development team will help prepare your application for the city;
  • Speedy Response. We'll give you a definite time line for action, guaranteeing you a Planning Commission or City Council meeting, if needed, within 30 days of receiving a complete application;
  • Access. We'll provide you direct access to key personnel including a project planner who will help coordinate your application with all other City departments and act as your liaison while dealing with outside agencies;
  • One Stop Assistance. We offer a one stop counter in which planning, building, engineering, business license, and public works services are all immediately available;
  • Incentives. We offer incentives and will discount impact and development fees up to 30% for qualifying business. 
  • City of La Verne Community Development Department (909) 596-8706, FAX: (909) 596-8737
  • La Verne Chamber of Commerce (909) 593-5265
  • La Verne Business Improvement District (909) 593-6845
  • San Polo La Verne Business Park (818) 814-9556
  • Brethren Hillcrest Homes (909) 593-4917
  • University of La Verne (909) 593-3511 

The following information is provided to assist persons interested in establishing and conducting a business in the City of La Verne. It is not warranted to be all inclusive. Any errors or omissions herein will not relieve the business owner of his/her responsibility, obligation or liability in fulfilling all legal requirements. Go to our Business License section for more information.