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Latest Information on Lawsuit with La Verne Fire Association (Posted October 1, 2018)

  • Given that the issue surrounding the La Verne Firefighters Association involves ongoing litigation, the City is restricted in its ability to share information. That being said, the following is offered in an attempt to give context to some of the recent events and the City’s efforts.
  • The City Council and City Manager are very concerned and dismayed by the current state of affairs arising from the allegations and accusations of the La Verne Firefighters Association. The City Council and City Manager are also acutely aware of the effect all of this is having on our citizens. There is no doubt the current litigation, the threat of future litigation, and the comments that have been made publicly are counterproductive to and weaken what makes La Verne the special place it has always been.
  • The current lawsuit and the threat of future litigation by the La Verne Firefighters Association are items that the City takes very seriously. The City also asks for the public’s patience and understanding as the pending litigation works its way through the judicial system.
  • The City has not found any credible evidence that would lead to the conclusions sought by the La Verne Firefighters Association as to either the Fire Chief or the City.
  • The City can assure its residents and business owners that it has, at all times, done all that it can to manage its Fire Department in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
  • The City has received a new California Tort Claim from the La Verne Firefighters Association that threatens further litigation. The City is reviewing and responding to that claim appropriately and in order to seek the truth and fairness. Further, at the time the City became aware of the activity the primary target of that claim was placed on leave and the City initiated an investigation from an independent firm. Once the investigation has been completed, the City will respond in accordance with and as might be dictated by the findings of the investigation.
  • The La Verne Firefighters Association has asserted that all of this difficulty began as a problem with communication and the City concurs. Accordingly, and despite our current challenges and weakened relationship with the Association, the City remains optimistic that a way will be found to sit down with Association members and work through the current challenges without further cost or damage.
  • Finally, the City understands that this situation has placed adverse and severe demands on the entire community, as well as the public servants who work tirelessly for this community. The City’s elected officials, managerial team, and employees remain committed to providing the best service possible to the community.