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Wilderness Area History And Weed Clearing Activities

  • In 2006, the City acquired 208 acres in north La Verne through State grant funds obtained in cooperation with the County of Los Angeles, the Trust for Public Land, and the La Verne Land Conservancy. This land was combined with 150 acres already owned by the City to create an open space preserve of 358 acres, collectively referred to as the Wilderness Area pdf Wilderness Plan, EIR PC, and Memos (237 KB) .
  • Prior to the City’s ownership, the portion of the Wilderness Area immediately adjacent to the homes on Monterey Street was privately owned and weed abatement activities were the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Some open space properties adjacent to the Wilderness Area adjacent to residential neighborhood remain in private ownership pdf Map (161 KB) .
  • Since acquisition of the land in 2006, the City has performed weed abatement (100-200’ from structures) in the approximately 4 acres of Wilderness Area immediately adjacent to the homes on Monterey Street.
  • The City uses goats in the Wilderness Area for weed abatement as they reduce the amount of accumulated plant material present within the area and reduce fire fuel loads.
  • In order to continue the ongoing practice of using goats for weed abatement, the City has recently developed a Grazing Management Plan which has been submitted to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • October 10, 2018, December 12, 2018, and April 10, 2019: La Verne Wilderness Plan and Environmental Impact Report was reviewed by the Planning Commission and recommended to the City Council for approval pdf Wilderness Plan and EIR PC 10 10 18 and Memos (237 KB) .
  • The Wilderness Area Management and Public Access Plan includes selective habitat enhancement actions, the resolution of public safety hazards, and opportunities for limited controlled public access as part of the City’s stewardship responsibilities for the Wilderness Area. The Management Plan includes goals for specific physical improvements or management policies that would implement the vision for the Wilderness Area pdf Resolution No. 1232 (3.92 MB) .
  • The City has submitted an application to the Department of Fish and Wildlife for the removal of a large, dead coast live oak tree located in the Wilderness Area near Via Vista Court and Monterey Street.
  • When/if the application is approved by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the tree will be removed.
  • The Department of Fish and Wildlife has requested a report from a biologist before removal will be considered. The city has been in contact with a biologist to prepare a report requested by the CDFW in furtherance of this application.
  • The City is aware there are other trees that may appear to be of concern. Based on those concerns, the City’s Fire Marshal completed an initial evaluation of the trees in the area for any potential fire danger. That evaluation determined presently, there is no danger due to the existing vegetation and with the exception of the dead tree that is expected to be removed, no trees warrant removal.
  • The City will continue to monitor the situation, in the event further action is needed, the City will submit another application to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to abate any hazards to the community.

City's Updates Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

City's Updates Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) - August 6, 2020

This section will be dedicated to keeping La Verne residents informed of the changing issues associated to our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We recognize this is an ever-changing time and it is important to keep our residents updated with easily accessible information. We have consolidated this information into the following topics:


Recent Updates and Changes          




Election Results

The 1st semi-official results of ballots cast and votes tallied are scheduled to be reported at approximately 8:30 p.m. on March 3rd (if possible, closer to 8:00). This 1st report will be exclusively for VBM ballots. The  2nd report is scheduled to take place at around 9:15 p.m. and will be BMD/vote center ballots plus the same VBM results that were reported earlier. After that, the county will continue reporting BMD/vote center results throughout the evening and Wednesday morning till sunrise, with updates roughly every 30 minutes. The plan is to have the usual ballot counting/tally events throughout the rest of March on Tuesdays and Fridays with new results posted online by 4:00 p.m. on those days. However, the county may schedule additional ballot counting/tally events that 1st week on Wednesday, March 4th and Thursday, March 5th with posting of results in the PM no later than 4:00.  

There will also be a live feed of the activity at the tally center/ballot counting location which can be accessed here on election night:

City of La Verne Budget Efficiency Strategies Implemented to Reduce Costs and Improve Fiscal Stability

Over the last 10 years the City has taken the following actions to shrink expenses and improve fiscal stability:

  • Reduced staffing levels by 10 full time employees, including 7 positions at the management/administrative level
  • Worked cooperatively with employee labor groups to institute the following:
    • Employee contributions towards their retirement costs
    • Suspended all median salary adjustments since 2017
    • Reduce medical insurance coverages for new hires
  • Reduced retirement benefits for employees hired after 2014 in accordance with PEPRA
  • Merged operational areas for cost efficiencies, such as folding parks maintenance into the public works department
  • Installed solar panels throughout city facilities for greater energy efficiency
  • Purchased street lights and converted to LED technology
  • Hired a grants management consultant to help identify and pursue new funding sources for major projects
  • Improved the city’s investment strategy to increase the city’s return on investment for idle cash balances
  • Renegotiated contracts with various service providers
  • Extended service life of city owned vehicles
  • Contracted jail services with the City of Pomona
  • Improved collection practices for annual business licenses
  • Adopted the 2018 Fiscal Sustainability Plan to further reduce costs and increase revenues, which included such things as:
    • Contracting for street sweeping services,
    • Issuance of a pension obligation bond,
    • Implementing full cost recovery from utilities
    • Negotiating a new waste hauling contract

In addition to cost containment measures, the City has actively pursued new opportunities for revenue enhancement including:

  • Economic development marketing resulting in new developments such as Gilead Sciences
  • Downtown revitalization efforts, which have increased restaurant sales threefold
  • Leasing of underutilized infrastructure and facilities

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City's Updates Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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