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Sierra La Verne Country Club Activity Log

  1. Circumstances that may warrant intervention or investigation

    General Maintenance Issues

    • Accumulated debris and trash
    • Mosquitoes
    • Vandalism including graffiti
    • Trespassing
    • Slope failures

    Fire Hazards/Landscape Issues

    • Accumulated dead wood or debris and trimmings in excess of 6” deep
    • Weeds and dead overgrowth higher than 6”
    • Dead or dying brush shall meet brush clearance requirements up to 200 feet from a structure
    • Trees should be trimmed to a minimum of 6 feet above underlying vegetation
    • Any tree removal not due to natural events
    • Any modification to existing landscaping besides lack of maintenance


    • Any fencing, temporary or permanent
  2. As a reminder, the golf course is private property and residents should not go on to the property without approval from the property owner. As always, any events that pose an imminent threat or are an emergency in nature should be directed to the City’s Police Department at 909-596-1913.

    Using this portal is important so that the City has a central point for collecting resident concerns. Your cooperation in directing such issues through this forum is appreciated. Additionally, attaching photos is also encouraged as it will help staff identify the issues and provide a greater administrative record should it be needed in the future.

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