What is the benefit of keeping the LVFD service delivery model?

The LVFD service delivery model allows for local control to be maintained over the City’s fire services. This local control of fire services, in turn, directly impacts the scalability of resources and services, as well as the budget. In order for this service model to have the best chance of success, however, key stakeholders would need to commit to implementing a number of reforms.

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1. What is the Fire Department Service Deployment Review (Review)?
2. What role did LA County Fire Department have in reviewing or evaluating fire services in La Verne?
3. What is the benefit of switching to LA County Fire service delivery model?
4. What is the benefit of keeping the LVFD service delivery model?
5. What are the internal challenges and issues faced by LVFD that need to be addressed?
6. Is the current LVFD understaffed to serve our community?
7. Will the level of fire and emergency services and response times change with any of LA County Fire or LVFD options provided in the Review?
8. What is the cost difference between LA County Fire and LVFD services?
9. Which service deployment option do our La Verne firefighters want?
10. What is the difference between the La Verne Fire Department and the La Verne Firefighters’ Association?