Are there any exceptions?

Yes. Exclusions for needing an entertainment permit include the following:

  • Anything emanating from a radio, jukebox, television receiver, or music-recording machine operated by the owner of the establishment, provided the equipment is not used by or in conjunction with an announcer or disc jockey announcing song titles or artist names, or interjecting with other dialogue
  • Any café musician as defined in California Government Code Section 37101.5
  • Any entertainment provided in, an with the consent of any person in control of, any park, stadium, arena, or auditorium, or upon any educational or governmental property
  • Any entertainment operating under an in compliance with a conditional use permit issued pursuant to Chapter 18.108 of the La Verne Municipal Code and where entertainment was approved as part of the conditional use permit
  • Any entertainment consisting solely of auditions
  • Any entertainment provided in a residential zone for guests at a private party where admission is not open to the public
  • Any modeling of clothes provided in conjunction with a retail clothing business operating in compliance with all City codes and laws and where the clothes modeled are sold by the business

To find out if your entertainment or business qualifies for any of the exclusions listed above, contact the Community Development Department at 909-596-8706.

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