I want to distribute handbills at homes to advertise my business.

Handbill permits may be obtained through the Finance Department.  Permits are valid for the calendar year.  Distribution is allowed between the hours of 8 a.m. through 6p.m.  The City maintains a list of addresses which have requested to be placed on the “do not distribute” list.  This list is given to every distributor upon approval.  Handbills need to be placed in a manner that will not create litter and there is no placement allowed on vehicles.  The information is an excerpt from the La Verne Municipal Code.  Complete information may be obtained by calling the Finance Department at 909-596-8716 or by looking at the La Verne Municipal Code Chapter 5.36.

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1. What is a business license?
2. Who is required to have a license?
3. Why must I pay a tax to do business in the City?
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22. I want to distribute handbills at homes to advertise my business.
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24. Once I get the business license it means everything is OK - I don’t need anything else – right?
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