Mobile Home Parks

The City of La Verne is home to 8 mobile (manufactured) home parks with 1,742 mobile homes in total. Mobile homes are a vital source of affordable housing for a variety of incomes. Some parks are restricted to ages 55+ while others have no age restrictions. View the Mobile Home Park Directory for a full list of mobile home parks in La Verne. 

Mobile Home Park Zone

The City of La Verne's Municipal Code addresses the Mobile Home Park Zone within Chapter 18.40. The purpose of the Mobile Home Park Zone is to regulate the development of residential areas comprising mobile homes and related structures within mobile home parks. The objectives include ensuring organized development, compatibility with surrounding areas, and safeguarding public health and welfare. Mobile home parks are permitted under a conditional use permit, which requires detailed plans and adherence to specific standards. These standards cover aspects such as park size, density, building height, setbacks, landscaping, utility placement, parking requirements, and the appearance of mobile homes and accessory structures. The ordinance also outlines fees and occupancy criteria.

Mobile Home Park Rent Review

The City of La Verne strives to maintain the character and quality of the City's mobile home parks, providing park owners reasonable rent increases and park residents the security of rent review. La Verne Municipal Code Chapter 9.16 details the Mobile Home Rent Review process, focusing on the facilitation of fair and reasonable rents within mobile home parks in the City. 

Mobile Home Park Closure Notice

The City of La Verne identifies the importance of mobile home parks as an affordable housing option and has included protections for residents in the case of potential closures. Per La Verne Municipal Code Chapter 9.18, mobile home park owners must submit a Relocation Impact Report (RIR) to convert the park to other uses, which must be approved by the City Council. Notice is submitted to all mobile home park tenants for public hearings related to the RIR.  

Additional State Resources

The California Department of Housing and Community Development Mobile Home Assistance Center (Ombudsman) receives and processes complaints from the public and from public officials related to living in manufactured homes and mobile homes. Call (800) 952-8356 for more information. 

The Mobile Home Residency Law Handbook is provided by the Senate Select Committee on Manufactured Homes Communities and updated every year. This booklet contains the mobile home residency law, frequently asked questions, state laws pertaining to manufactured homes, and a County by County directory of community resources.