Water / Sewer Maintenance

Water and Utility Division

The Water and Utility Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s water production and distribution facilities.  The division is also responsible for the maintenance and reading of the City’s water meters.  The City is committed to providing quality water to its residents and businesses.  

Residents who have questions or concerns regarding their water services, water meters or billing should contact the Customer Service office at 909-596-8744.  

How water reaches our residents

Have you ever wondered how water reached your faucet every time you brushed your teeth or washed your hands?  What you might not know is that a complex system exists to bring water to La Verne’s residents on a daily basis.  

La Verne receives its water from two main sources: underground water and imported water.  The City has eight municipal wells that pump water from two ground basins:  Pomona and Live Oak.  Water from these underground wells is pumped into booster stations where it is blended with imported water.  La Verne purchases its water from Three Valley Municipal Water District.  The underground water is blended with local groundwater and is then pumped to residents and businesses throughout La Verne.  

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The responsibility of the Sewer Division is general maintenance and cleaning of the sewer system.  A sewer system is different from the storm drain system in that it is a series of pipes that carries wastes to a treatment plant and discharges it after treatment.  

To report a sewer overflow contact the Public Works Department at (909) 596-8741.