Community Services

Community Services Department

The Community Services Department provides a wide variety of leisure opportunities and services for children, senior citizens and adults which contribute to the overall well-being of individuals and the community. In addition, the Department manages the La Verne Community Center and other facilities in which a wide selection of special events, rentals, and programs are conducted.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, quality affordable programming, and safe recreation experiences to improve the quality-of-life for all City of La Verne residents.

Vision Statement

As part of the vision statement of the City of La Verne, the Community Services Department follows the Approach to Public Service. These guidelines help to set the proper tone for serving the needs of our community. 

  • Providing safe, well-designed and maintained facilities. 
  • Providing broad-based programs/services and maximizing community resources.
  • Focus on what is important and never compromise integrity. 
  • Recognize the need to explore new innovative ideas and procedures to better meet the community's changing needs and trends. 

We create experiences that make our community better than yesterday, where lifelong goals are achieved and dreams are born. We don't settle for anything less than excellence in every area of our organization. We have the courage to be honest and adapt to change. Regardless of role, those values are embedded into our organization making us a true leader in recreation.